My main objective is to help every business owner think bigger and do better with a comprehensive web presence. I am committed to leading our industry in minimising the impact of our activities on the environment so I carry out a home working initiative that enables me to reduce my carbon imprint by not having to travel to work or power an office. I am available to meet but prefer to work from home and instruct one another by call because of this.

Powered by water, good food and a great vision I love to create dynamic websites and e-commerce stores that contribute to the success of my clients businesses or projects. I specialise with WIX and use their web editor exclusively as you can do pretty much anything with the editor and the product offers excellent value for money if you know what you are doing with it. WIX have their own database built in for use called VELO which I am great at designing with and can incorporate dynamic pages with forms that can transform your site with Dynamic content from your users.

The digital world is transforming the way business is done today and having a well thought out ethical digital strategy is essential to the well-being of your business. I am based locally so rest assured that you will not be outsourcing your work to India or China where you will experience problems in after care and the implementation of your website. I also used to write for a successful magazine so know how to put pen to paper and make you look and sound great.

My rates for work are featured in the pricing lightbox that you can see at the top of each screen. A standard website by myself includes 1 years hosting and a free domain name from WIX and my work is included as well. I think I come in very well against my competitors if you were to take into consideration the amount of time that I spend on each site. If you wish for me to incorporate VELO into your design I do charge more but what you can get is incredible. I have featured an employment agency on my site which works so you can see the potential but I can build e-commerce stores and social media platforms as well. Don't go to India for this, I am sick to death of hearing about people paying money to have something developed because they are promised the World and very little is delivered. 

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